I am Darrell James, a graduate of the Game Art course at University of South Wales. I aspire to be a modeller, technical artist or shader programmer but mostly to work with other amazing people on large projects.

I was first introduced to the world of 3D by games and animation, but a few years ago, a good friend showed me how much fun it was to create 3D imagery on the screen. I’ve since learnt the fundamentals of how 3D objects are created and have experimented a lot with my choice of software 3ds Max.

Likewise, during my time studying in school I grew interested in Flash ActionScript, which introduced me to learning web languages such as JavaScript. Moving on I’m now studying C++ in order to get competent enough to practise shader API’s like DirectX or OpenGL.

My love of both art and programming can blend well in this area so that’s where I want to head to.

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For some more information behind my personal objectives and plan of attack, I posted a lengthy informal blog post here.