Colt 1911



This is one of the first models I ever finished & the first I ever textured. There are some issues with the normals due to me optimising the mesh after baking, in turn messing up the vertex normals, woops! I learnt a lot from this and the rewarding feeling when finished what made me want to continue making 3D models.

2 thoughts on “Colt 1911”

  1. The detailing on this is spectacular, every inch of this piece is flawless. Every groove is perfect as if it were actually a real pistol.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the comment, I disagree though it’s not flawless. I messed up the normal map a bit when I optimised the mesh after the bake, something I’ve learnt not to do.

      This was textured before consumer Physically Based engines were around too so it may be worth me going back and having a go with the new paradigm.


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