Colt 1911



This is one of the first models I ever finished & the first I ever textured. There are some issues with the normals due to me optimising the mesh after baking, in turn messing up the vertex normals, woops! I learnt a lot from this and the rewarding feeling when finished what made me want to continue making 3D models.

My First Character (Low Poly)


One of my second year University projects. This character had some serious limitations, 3K tris & a single 1K Texture map. I started with a base model in 3ds Max then did some sculpting in Zbrush on the character’s body for the normals. I had to work some magic with the cage to not produce artefacts galore in certain areas because the low poly model should still closely match the high poly, there was too big a disparity in this case. I also fiddled with some cloth dynamics to get the clothes draping in a realistic manner, rather than sculpting. I’m not too impressed with myself for this one, but it’s my first ever character and with such a heavy limitation.

Hello world!

Hello World!

This is probably the 5th portfolio website I’ve made and I’m finally happy with the layout.

I wanted something simple, unlike some of my previous website endeavours. I’d previously had a static site, a site purely built with jQuery and even a site where I had built my own content management system in PHP. This time, I’d opted for WordPress. I’m very happy with the feature-set and plugins that are available for this CMS which will help this site look a lot more professional. This isn’t to say I doubt my experience developing for the web, after all I did create this theme based on the twenty-fifteen default wordpress theme myself, but this way it’s far easier to maintain and get support. The main reason is that web design isn’t my primary focus for creating a portfolio website, my expertise is of course with realtime 3D creation, programming is my secondary role.

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