Debris – Global Game Jam 2015

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of taking part in Global Game Jam at the University of Hertfordshire and as this is a new blog, I haven’t talked about it yet. I was invited by my good friend who studies there so I travelled over on his request for my first ever game jam, us two and people I’d never met before. We organised ourselves into a team, a bunch of first years and a second year (and me a third year from a different university), who were very capable. By accident, I’d found myself somewhat close to being a leader of the group, but the creation was very much something we all agreed on, by this I mean I was holding the whiteboard marker and helping the direction. We knew game jams were going to be rough, we knew that whatever we were going to do would only be half well executed, it was our first game jam after all. Even so, we still chose to start the ambitious project: Debris, a game where the player is running out of oxygen in a procedurally generated asteroid field and trying to get to a space station for safety. My role was to be a technical artist & gameplay programmer of sorts.

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