Bent plane for subdivision modelling script WIP

While working with cylinders, it’s often necessary to cut holes or alter the geometry but that when subdivided, will cause a lot of distortion or pinching in the mesh. A common work around for this is to use a plane with a bend modifier/deformer, that bends 360 degrees to create a cylinder shape after the subdivision has already taken place. What if you started with a cylinder though?

The way I usually create a plane for bending when I have an existing cylinder, is to measure the diameter and multiply by pi to get the circumference, then I create a plane with the same width as the circumference and the same segments and move it manually. When working with guns, with barrel ports and cars with axles etc. it can become quite cumbersome. So I made a small script that generates the plane for you when you have a cylinder cap selected. It’s work in progress and has a few known issues so I won’t release it yet, but the base idea is working: With a poly selected, it will create a plane with the correct number of segments, with the appropriate modifiers and it will work in any orientation, so feel free to have some wild cylinder pointing in an abstract direction and use this script to create modified planes all aligned.

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