Hiding Selected Component Display in Maya

Late one night while fiddling with Autodesk Maya’s crease tools I realised how mildly annoying it was for the creased edge to block the users view of the effect it was having. It makes it harder than usual to tell how hard of soft the edges are, so I set about making a solution.

After a short while of researching whether it’s possible to stop Maya from displaying the selected component’s wire it turns out it may not be possible. It’s easy to disable the wide crease edge but the thin edge will still show. Select an edge and it will be orange (or custom colour, not transparent) no matter what. I couldn’t find anything through the interface nor the cmds documentation but I will be having another look because it seems like it should exist.

So a little bit irritated, but not defeated, I came up with a simple solution. If nothing is selected, nothing distracting will display! So I wrote up this little snippet of Python:

When executed this script will store the users selection in a variable then clear it & hide everything that can be distracting. When executed again, it will return the users selection & show everything again. It has it’s limitations, such as when the user selects other stuff while everything is toggled off, I’ll probably implement some selection locking or run a detect for a new selection.

I realise that this is a hacky, incomplete and very inadvisable way of doing things but at least now I can toggle the display on a hotkey, though I can’t actually manipulate anything while it’s in effect. It’s kind of silly really, conclusion? I’ve taken this as an experiment move on and cut this out of workflow, at this point it’s better to adopt crease sets or just deselect and reselect manually.

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