[Small App] Lister – Local note storage written in native JavaScript

Earlier this year I wrote a small app over a weekend, designed to be a chrome extension that would take notes and save them locally so that no snooping from a server or anything would happen. In order to do this I delved in the HTML5 localstorage API, to tell the truth this was back when I was a more inexperienced programmer, but it was the project with made me fall in love with it.

The app preview is available to see here. It’s possible to view the JavaScript in the web tools of your browser (right click > inspect) and under the sources tab. It uses some JQuery UI elements for styling but the base functionality will work without it. To make this a true Chrome extension I will have to create a manifest etc. but I think I will leave this as an exploration into my love for coding and commit it to my past for good.

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